Friday, 27 January 2012

Restaurant Review: Burger Bar Crescent

Hello Everyone! So on January 19th I was followed on twitter by @burgerbarmtl. I thought this was weird seeing as I am vegan and this is a burger restaurant (must have been a fault of their tweetadder program or something like that). Just for curiosity sake I tweeted them back saying I was probably not a part of their customer base... in response I got back:

Well if they are vegan friendly I had to go check them out!

Prior to going I did check the reviews of the restaurant on Urbanspoon (I like to know what to expect) and found that although the omnivore's out there enjoyed the restaurant I could not say the same for my fellow veggie's out there who had somehow found their way to the restaurant.

Part of a review from urbanspoon:  

Even with this review I was feeling optimistic as the person over twitter had seemed very informed and their response time had been speedy and efficient.

I also went to their website to check out their menu. Their website has some formatting issues:
(all the text is shifted and their scroll bars are in the wrong place)
But I was able to see the menu and the options they had available. (NOTE: NONE of their salads were vegan unless you made changes to them when ordering.)

Upon arrival at the restaurant my roommate and I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant. The staff (only 1) was friendly and knowledgable about the menu and how the food was prepared. He did have a lot on his hands trying to serve and satisfy all the customers in the two floor building but overall he did a great job. We quickly found out that the black bean veggie burger I had been tweeted about is NOT vegan (it has egg in it) so we settled for the:
 and the:
(without the goat cheese)
we also had sweet potato fries on the side.

The sandwich was my favourite and had a nice presentation, and the salad had great flavour (my roommate liked this one the best). The fries were good, just like any sweet potato fries at any restaurant I've been to. Overall we really enjoyed our meal. 
All done! (we were so hungry having come straight 
from the gym that we had forgotten to take a photo)

A few suggestions I would have for the Restaurant in terms of becoming more Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly are:

1) offer a Vegan burger like a roasted portobello mushroom burger as a substitution for the beef burger or black bean burger. (Also make sure the burger buns are vegan friendly)

2) make a note on the menu that you are happy to accommodate allergies/dietary restrictions as some people don't think that substitutions can be made. (also note if an option can be made vegan/vegetarian with symbols on the menu to make it more comprehensible for the customer)

3) offer a vegan dessert such as fruit, sorbet, or something like my easy vegan carrot cake (of course this may be asking a little too much for an omnivorous restaurant)

Overall I would like to thank the restaurant for trying to become more vegan friendly and hope they think about the suggestions I made. I wish all food establishments were as accommodating as they were and encourage all of you to go check it out when you are in Montreal... who knows maybe they will start getting more Vegan's heading their way!

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  1. i'm really glad you made a point of saying something. it's no use getting upset when we can't eat something somewhere, but being able to raise awareness and say something is really important and it goes a long way :)