Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Why be vegan?

A lot of people ask me this when they first find out I am vegan. Along with that question follows:
  • where do you get your protein?
  • what do you eat?
  • how can you make anything good if it doesn't contain eggs, dairy, or any other animal product?
I have had the great fortune this past year to meet some open minded people here in Montreal. Maybe it is because of the area I live in? there are 5 vegan restaurants near my apartment and a specialty grocery store which stocks all the vegan luxuries that I would otherwise have to order online.

In the hope to open peoples eyes to veganism I have started bring in something every Saturday to work for people at my office to try (yes I work six days a week, Monday to Saturday, someone has to pay the bills). I also host Friday night group dinners where all my friends who come have to pay $2 and my roommate and I cook a huge vegan dinner consisting of a beginner course, main course, and dessert. On top of that I have started this blog in hopes of showing people that it is not actually that hard to be vegan (as my roommate is starting to find out).

So the big question... why be vegan?

personally I chose being vegan for the sake of the animals, after I realized that meat is murder and other animal products are extortion. If you don't believe me I encourage you to watch earthlings, or food inc.

other reasons for becoming vegan are for the environment and for health benefits. If you would like me to go more into these areas leave a comment and I will discuss it further in the next post. If you want to do some of your own research I encourage you to check out some sites such as:

    If anyone has any questions about veganism of any sort please do not hesitate to leave a comment to this post!

    **Note: I am not trying to pressure being Vegan on anyone, if you came to this page you probably already have an interest in this subject and I just wish to show everyone that it is not as hard as the general world thinks it is!

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